Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS

The demand for playing or enjoying the games is increasing drastically. Hence the gaming companies came forward to develop different varied or genres of the top games. Today we gather to know some of the best collections of RPG games which having extreme hype in the market.

But what does RPG mean? RPG alleviates Role Playing Games which is available Online and Offline. Every gamer has different addiction to games to experience. But here we will list the Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS, which gaining a massive demand among players.

Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS

  • Final Fantasy 
  • Evoland 2
  • Crashlands 
  • Eternium
  • Reigns: Games of Thrones 
  • Kai Chronicles 
  • The Banner Saga
  • Darkness Rises
  • Fire Emblem Heroes 
  • Star Wars: Kotor

Best Collections of Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS for Offline & Online

Final Fantasy 


  • Free to Play
  • Android | iOS
  • Best Strategy Game

It is one of the beloved games in the RPG genre. Till now, final fantasy has 12 series to experience breathtakingly. New aliens are added throughout the series or the latest updates. 

The game is based on sci-fi or futuristic fantasy concept to explore and battle with demons. So, what are you waiting for? Hands-on the game to feel fantastic gameplay.

Game Features

  • Favorite FF15 Character Collections Such as Cindy & Notices 
  • Real-Time Packed Battles
  • Huge Community for Multiplying 

Evoland 2


  • Price: $6.99
  • Android | iOS
  • #1 RPG Game

Are you thinking about why we have listed the game in number 2 of the Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS? Indeed, the evoland 2 is the sequel of evoland, and through its name only, we are getting the clue of evolution. 

That’s what the game is all about. The journey starts with monochrome graphics and a 2D character. As you level up, the new technology unlocks you by converting your character into a leading 3D role. 

Game Features

  • 2D RPG with 3D Vs. Fight as A Shooter
  • Refine Trading Card Game 
  • Transforming Evolution by Retro to 3D



  • Price: $6.99
  • Android | iOS
  • Best Adventure RPG Game


Considering the Crashlands in the top 10 list is funny but true. This RPG game will give you a hilarious and quirky experience. 

The game mission is about surviving on the alien planet, such as building bases, repairing ships, gathering pets, and fighting with the local enemies. If you haven’t yet played the Crashlands, then what are you waiting for?

Game Features

  • 1. Expansive Crafting System 
  • RPG-Style Character Progression 
  • Skill-Based Combat 



  • Free to Play
  • Android | iOS
  • Action RPG Game

The game claims many prior initiatives, such as the first RPG as genuinely designed for touch control devices. The sense and control of the game are Super smooth, which engage players to dive more into the game. 

The Game battles occur to save the world from the dark powers of evil. The spell casting, collection of tools, and crafting of weapons or items are surprisingly impressive.

Game Features

  • Beautifully Crafted Action RPG
  • Effortless “Tap to Move” And Innovative “Swipe to Cast” Controls
  • The Visceral Satisfaction of Responsive, Fast-Paced Combat, With Spectacular

Reigns: Games of Thrones 


  • Price: $3.99
  • Android | iOS
  • Best Card Game

Who hasn’t heard of the most popular series ever, the game of thrones? Consequently, the Reigns are based on the same Plato but through a simple card-based RPG. 

The game is about selecting the right decision from some options such as Religious Favor, Military Strength, State Wealth, and Domestic popularity. Hence, the game is considered as “Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS.”

Game Features

  • Most Powerful Rulers of All Time 
  • Rule from The Iron Throne as Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen
  • A Formidable Cast, Reenvision Westeros, Regal Mini Games & A Grander Reigns

Kai Chronicles 


  • Free to Play
  • Only For Android
  • Role Playing Game

We got you something unique for you in the Top 10 list of RPG. It’s known as Kai Chronicles, the game totally borrowed from Joe Dever’s book of Lone Wolf series. 

The fair warning that the game is finely based on the reading format to play the game requires reading and understanding the plot. The result will be based on the player’s decision, either lucky or unlucky.

Game Features

  • Books Download from The Project Aon
  • Save The Game at Any Book Section
  • Action Chart and Random Number Table Management

The Banner Saga


  • Price: $9.99
  • Android | iOS
  • No 1 Role Playing Game

The game is an extreme tactical role-playing game in a fictional world based on Norse mythology. The all story concludes by saving people from the wrath of enemies and vicious Clinge soldiers. 

Basically, it has more than 25 playable characters and is designed as a 2D rotoscope tactical RPG game.

Game Features

  • A Unique Fantasy Realm Inspired by Norse Mythology
  • Beautiful 2D Rotoscope Animation
  • Real Choices with Real Consequences

Darkness Rises


  • Free to Play
  • Android | iOS
  • Adventure RPG

It is one of the excellent and engaging gameplay, with highly dark, intense graphics. The battle of the game you will gonna love to experience. 

The story is based on a Superior hero who fights for his world to save from demons from hell to destruct the peaceful earth.

Game Features

  • Adventure RPG
  • Epic Boss Fights
  • Character Customization

Fire Emblem Heroes 


  • Free to Play
  • Android | iOS
  • Intense Battles

One of the miraculous RPG games from a top-notch company well known for Nintendo with due respect, we considered the game in “Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS.” Basically, it is a series of Fire Emblem which already bursts popularity among players. 

The RPG game is not a piece of cake to play. It needs focus and dedication. Because the game includes more than 700 episodes to finish, and on each completion, the player gets the Orbs, which utilize to summon powerful heroes.

Game Features

  • An Epic Quest
  • Intense Battles
  • Strengthen Your Favorite Heroes

Star Wars: Kotor


  • Price: $10.99
  • Android | iOS
  • Role Playing

The game is epically based on space opera, which phenomenally designed to adhere to the engagement. It includes a few popular Star Wars characters, such as Wookiees, Droids, & Twi’leks. Apart from this. 

The story surrounds to Galactic Empire. Where Jedi knights are battling with cruel sith, and the player of the game is the last of the order to save the galactic kingdom. The iconic game comes with Special creatures, peculiar planets, characters, and vehicles to keep the essence.

Game Features

  • An Epic Star Wars Role-Playing Experience with Unique Characters, Creatures, Vehicles, And Planets
  • Choose Your Party from Nine Customizable Star Wars Characters, Including Twi’leks, Droids, And Wookiees
  • Travel to Eight Enormous Worlds in Your Own Starship, The Ebon Hawk

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is RPG Games Offline or Online?

The RPG abbreviates to Role-Playing Game where players assume the role of characters which is fictionally created by narratives. 

Is the Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS are Fixed?

No, the lists vary from time to time and trend to trend according to their popularity and presentation.

What are Turn-Based RPG Games?

The Turn-Based RPG games are totally opposite to RPG games where user decide their own journey and adventure to complete the mission. Some well know names are Divinity, Chronic Trigger, and Earthbound.

Final words

If you are urging to experience one of the RPG games, start your journey with fantasy or sci-fi games. Which allures you to recognize your capability in hands-on RPG games. Hopefully, you will love our Top 10 RPG Games for Android and IOS.

However, deciding on the list of top 10 is not easy for us. There are lots of other games too which are mind-blowing to play. Surely we will cover the topic next time as part 2. As of now, choose your favorite from the list and save the world according to the narrative’s story.

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